Hi guys

I am new to workflow but i have a task ahead of designing a workflow management for an organisation

We have Windows 2003 Server installed on one system which acts as Oracle application server

I want lots of details

1) How to go about creating a workflow from scratch(A sample demo would be of great help)

2) Aparts from Windows 2003 server, what other software or things are required to implement workflow

Please help me out on this

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Well no one can deny the importance of workflow management in any working atmosphere. Making right kind of workflow is helpful to streamline the entire process as everyone will know the sequence of work and exact time to maintain the assignments. Although, there are many companies that offer workflow management software to organization, but as you are looking to design it personally, you have to understand that it is not an easy task to do. However, you can read the whole process to create workflow from scratch at http://alloracleapps.com/oracle_apps/apps_technical/oracleworkflow/creating-workflow-from-scratch-2/ that will be of help for you. Design of good workflow meets the entire requirement of any organization to improve task’s efficiency and meet the goals in a timely manner.

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