Last Night (12-30-09) My PC got a Blue Screen of Death and restarted. I got the First Blue Screen of death while watching Adultswim Video. When the Computer Restarted It got to the Windows Vista log-in screen and then Blue Screened a second time, but froze before it restarted. I did a Hard Reboot turning off my Power and turning it back on after 5 Minutes.

The Computer turns on but I get no video signal, the Mouse and Keyboard do not work. The CD drive still responds to open/close switch, and the Fans all still work, including the one on the Video Card ( Nvidia 9600overclocked OT ).

I read on here similar problems and tried to do the barebones thing.
I removed my Videocard ( Motherboard has a built in card. ) Sound Card both Memory Sticks ( conair 1gig each ) and place a single stick into the closest slot.

It started up and got all the way to Windows. I logged in and it seemed to be running fine. I shutdown windows and when the PC was off I put the other stick of Memory in. This time the PC didnt start up at all, no BIOS, beeps, nothing. Fans still working cd tray working. I took out the stick again thinking mybe it was that stick but now the PC wont start at all.

This is the PC. The only thing I have added to it is the Nvidia Card, a Belken Wireless card and a pair of cheap Logitech speakers.

Any Ideas? If Its just a busted Mother Board Im not to upset at having to replace that, Ive never had to put in a new Motherboard before so it might actully be fun to play with for the first time ( sept for the $100-200 pricetag.. ). I wouldnt mind learning how to play with the BIOS ether. All new stuff to learn.

But first please help me FIX my PC if It can be fixed!

if the machine wont start at all and no bleeps and no hard disk movement then it sounds as though either the power supply is dodgy or the motherboard or processor is not working;

can you boot into a CD boot startup cd? If so then the problem is much more likely to be memory.
If the power supply is dead (or in soome cases a faulty power swith since it controls startup logic may be faulty)
If you cant boot at all from CD and no signs of power then it seems electrical fault and then may need special tools to diagnose and prescribe;


5 days ago, I don't know if you still need assistance. As you were able to get your machine to work with just one stick of memory but then failed to start again after you installed and removed the other memory, I would guess that it is one of two problems.
1. You have very dirty contacts on your memory sticks, clean them with a pencil eraser.
2. You have a "dry connection" a connection that the solder has broken away but is still touching sometimes, around the memory sticks on your motherboard. Try applying slight pressure to the board in that area as you boot (use a pencil or similar, not metal).

If that fails, remove all components from the motherboard, (hard drives, CD/DVDs, floppy, sound card, video card, network card and only one stick of memory) and try and boot your machine with the video plugged directly into the motherboard. If it boots up to BIOS screen start replacing connections/components until you find a faulty part.
Good luck