Hello Friends,
I used to use a registry cleaner called RegistrySmart, it seemed to do a good job in cleaning the registry and that was all it did, it was automatic you just pressed scan and that was it until I got an update from them which had a virus attached, they assured me that it was in perfect working order but it was not so, now I got a new one "Ccleaner", the problem is I don't really know much about the system registry as to what should be fixed after it does the scan, it highlights several lines of files that should be fixed, am I to assume that what it has uncovered should be fixed, I use it with extreme caution and make notes of everything.
Can somebody please help me with this, it would be much appreciated.
Thank you,

Registrysmart has been listed in a post on cnet.com as malware. Ccleaner is a good tool and recommended by many techs on this site. I would allow it to run with the default settings and when asked just do a backup as per their suggestion. See link below:


Thank you for replying, Unitedwaycat, I will give the Cleaner a go and see what happens. As for RegistrySmart I did not know that it had malware until it was picked up by the AV, but I was assured by the RS support that it was the best cleaner on the market, I think they were in tears when they told me that. Liars.
Thanks again.

I have read here that Ccleaner is a good program but I could not find anything wrong with RegistrySmart, it even lists as being certified by Microsoft, if it was malware I don't think they could do that. I downloaded and ran it with no problems before but it wanted to be registered for a payment so I uninstalled it. I have Ccleaner now but have only ran it once.

Certified by Microsoft, or Works with Windows? Type registrysmart in search box on this site and then read thru the Malwarebytes logs to see where it has been quarantined.

The site of Regisrtysmart
has a "Certified for Windows Vista" logo on it.
Copied from Microsoft:- "Certified for Windows Vista hardware and software
Your Windows Vista-based computer lets you connect with many different products that help you work, live, and play. When you choose Certified for Windows Vista hardware and software, you can be sure you are getting high-performing, easy-to-use, and highly secure products for your Windows Vista-based PC. Look for the logo to ensure a seamless experience."
The reference you refer to:- C:\Program Files\RegistrySmart\Microsoft.VC80.CRT (Rogue.RegistrySmart) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully
refers to a program that is malware a rogue program designed to look like trustworthy anti-spyware program.
"A rogue program is a malicious program that is disguised, for instance, as or registry cleaners. But these programs are only put on the market to scare you into buying these programs because they make exaggerated claims about the safety of your computer or, worse still, give erroneous scan results or put their own malware in your system. (Copied from http://www.malwarebytes.org/malwarenet.php?name=Rogue.RegistrySmart)