Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me please, I have two nieces both of which have iPod nano's like myself, however, we do NOT listen to the same music but they add/remove music for their iPods on my PC. I am trying to find a way to get itunes to recognise a library folder for each of us to use which when accessed by itunes shows our relevant ipod music selection.

I created three folders in the C:\drive for each of us and tried selecting the relevant folder before connecting one of our ipods ie for me I select my folder in itunes using preferences>advanced>iTunes Music folder location it shows my music in the itunes library window. When I change this for one of the girls folders and select ok, nothing changes, my files are still listed, is there a way to do this or am I not able to do this with itunes.

I have not created Users for them on my PC they simply use my login.



Think I found an answer:-

go to Documents & Settings>My Documents>My Music>iTunes

Create a folder for each itunes user (3 named folders)

Close itunes and then copy the .xml and .itl files from the My Music>iTunes folder to the named folder of the last user of iTunes

delete or move the .xml and .itl files from the itunes folder (I simply moved them)

Run itunes and library is empty. load the music from the second user by using add files and add folders in itunes, browse to the second users library for these. Load them into iTunes then close iTunes

moves the .xml and .itl files in my music>iTunes to the relevant username folder you created here. run itunes again and library is empty. Do the last 3 steps again for the third user.

Once all three users xml and itl files are put into their username folder in Doc & Settings>my music> iTunes you then simply load the two relevant files for the user who wants to update their music in iTunes and their library is loaded.

Cant find a quicker way but this works.


Well done Rebel. :)

I've had this problem as well, and this will be a major help.

Cant find a quicker way but this works.

I think the only quicker way would be to write a batch file, which would take more effort then this.

Again, well done. :)

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