When I try to open control panel, it does a search for the control panel then I receive the following error message. Windows XP Home edition is OS.

explorer.exe-Application error

Yhe instruction at "0x05959e56" referenced memory at"0x00000000". The memory could not be "written".

Click on Ok to terminate the program
Click on "cancel" to debug the program

There could be many options, but we need more information about the computer and the problem. Please post back with much more information.
It appears that you may have copied the error code number incorrectly, please check that and post the number again with your next post.

This error (explorer.exe-Application error) especially when you try to open control panel, means virus, download, malwarebytes free, iobit360 free, and microsoft essentials, it will be better if you can download combofix and run it. and only download it from this site.
please read everything first before use.


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