Ha.. you thought this was gonna be an easy one..


Heres whats up.. for some unknown reason.. maybe in the course of .. defragging, registry cleanup, Virus deleting, or other maintenance i do.. my XP system can no longer log on to the net.
Basically i have an onboard lan, feeds to external wifi link which connects to my isp about 100 mtrs away.
I can, as i am now doing, access the web using the exact same hardware, but using a Linux Live cd..
Also, if I pull the Lan cable out and put it in a laptop.. it works fine..
something in my windows is screwed.. but what.. me and my ip have tried all manner of settings, but it wont budge.

Please read the post as below, the whole sad story is in there.. and PLEEEEEEZZZE let me know if you have any ideas.. i really dont want to have to Format and re install windowz again.



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