Heres the Story, 2 Months ago back we found a cpu fixed it, all system green...been working ever since
yesterday around 5pm, I decided to see if I can hook up my 500gb drive too this computer(Gateway dx200-qs). So I open the computer, found that i couldn't because there was no extra ports and what not (mind i didn't touch any wires) so i put the top back on, and booted it back up (worked normal), I notice the top didn't go on all the way, so I shut it down (i just click the off switch) turned it, to its side and proceeded to put the top back, ( got a little fustrated) so i gave the top a hard tap and it popped in place, put the screws in and lifted it up and and started it up

The power supply started roaring like someone gave it a jolt, (i know when that happens means the cpu wont turn on) it has to like die down some and just hummm then the computer turns on. but for an hour it didn't do that. so i decided to play with it removing wires and what not putting them back in place and what not etc. etc. - still nothing so i google my problem and gave me a few option, one was too remove the memory to make sure it wasn't a MB problem so i can hear beeps.

pulled out my memory and cut the cpu no beeps T.T (Yell bullshit right away) so by that time i was mad as fuck, so i decided to go with option 2 maybe my power strip was giving out too much power and hit the reset on it, no luck....... by that time 2 hours passed, so i read one more option, put one memory in and try, so i try that, sure enough the roaring stops and starts humming and the cpu loads ups (only to the gatway screen) and just sits there. so I take out the memory card and cut the cpu on, (Now i hear beeps)

so now iam thinking it is a memory issue, but i don't know (so i run my own test), i stick one stick in, and it boots to where it says your memory is cut down press esc to boot. do that and it loads but guessing it cant handle some stuff alone or what not so it freeze like when i get too my desktop. i take the same stick and put it in another port same results, i take the other stick and do the same time, not the same results. with this stick it loads but \ blue screen appears (2x after 2 reboots) but a 3rd reboot it goes to the desktop but freeze put it in another port 1x bluescreen, 1x rebot, desktop - freeze, so iam thinking maybe it memory i dunno

but i came to a conclusion if they both still sort of work and read together maybe its not memory, so i load both back up, and the cpu comes on goes to desktop, loads application, for 20 mins looks like all systems green, (then it freeze) and its been doing this everytime. i have no clue what it is. first im thinking maybe its the processor getting hot, (because the fans don't spin like super fast ) if that's the case the computer would have shut down a long time ago, had this for like 1 month now. so i throw 2 fans and a fucking air conditioner at it, does the same thing, load 20 mins - freeze

so im down to my last conclusion and option from a site. it maybe the harddrive needs to be reformatted T.T... i don't wanna go that option only to find out that it still does this

Semi- back history (the computer when we got it would load up to windows then freeze but 20 mins later load desktop, once we did a full restart all system been green fast (30secs -1min load up) and this feels like the same problem)

oh a add in, the computer keeps setting back to 2004, would that also be a problem? Also yes it freezes in safe mode too, also it freeze when i try and reinstall windows

anyway, if i didn't tap the damn top on maybe a little hard this wouldn't have happened dry.gif
HELP ME!!!!!!

Your story was a gripping read.

Your banging the top might have glitched something power-wise (and what not). Something metallic could have dropped into the PSU, for example metal shavings.

Any power over-supply (I find that hard to believe) would/could zap or damage any part of the circuitry especially memory and disks. But then it sort of works (and what not) so I suspect power is unstable or your disk was damaged. Chkdsk would reveal if the disk (and what not) needed treatment.
Difficult to diagnose at distance, but that's my starter suggestion.

As Suspishio said, its difficult to diagnose from a distance, some hardware glitch is causing the freeze-up...Tighten all possible wires and give it a try..reformatting won't help, check if the cmos battery is placed properly as far as the date is concerned...if nothing works then i think you would have to call someone to have it checked...possibly a problem with the SMPS...

My system gets freezed once a day,I dunno why.
I also have trojan problem in my system which even norton anti virus could not resolve,suggestions please :)

Ok, did some more like small test, i used a 512 from another computer
and it loaded up and i was able to get into the bios, that i couldn't do before with the other ram, so i took that ram out and put the old ones back, and it acts like nothing ever happen. so i do a chkdsk and it found 1 error in the disk. so i do a reboot everything loads and what not, i mean its running green for hours no freeze, i couldnt do much because for some reason the error i was getting kept cutting my connection off from the net, (msxml.dll not a valid image) so i say to myself, it works may as well just reclean the system, i do that and it runs flawless, started updating still running flawless, by that time it has been running for 6 hours, then an update that came with sp2 about a windows media 9 update, install that then reboot, ........... the freezing came back :/ rebooted 4 more times freeze 5mins in. i feel like taking a bat and going at it (like office space) <.<

What did you do about the error on the disk?

Dunno what to do, iam still a noobie at some of this stuff :icon_redface: what is there too do?

but, now its running fine, like yesterday no freezing, so i don't have a clue whats going on, guess ill go with new ram options 1st and take it from there