Hi ,

Having a small o big problem i dunno. Hope you all help me out is resolving this problem.

I installed windows 2003 and creating few users as soon as i created the domain. But my bad i just created just 2 users. After my first online updated from windows i dunno what happended it doesn't allow me to ate new domain users at all.

When i enter all the user details and say finish it comes up with an wired error telling that the "it donst satisfy the password length, complexity and history requirement". But as far as i know every thing is right to me.

When i found this problem as well, i though it would be a Domain policy problem or something and starting trying fixing the policies by the gpupdate /force command.

But still no success can any one please explain why is this and how to resolve this.

Please find the attachment for the error message

Thanks you


the paswords MUST have:

a mix of uppercase and lowercase
be over 8 long
contain NO dictionary words

commented: Good one. Now if you use Caps and stuff in the future, I might rep you some more :P -Niek E +1

Never through it would be so simple. It solved the problem. The mistake which i was doing is the not giving the correct password. There where no any complexity in my password.

The password which i was giving was just very simple.

Thanks very much for help.


good to have been of some assistance

I had this problem at work. There is a local security policy setting you can set on the DC to not force complex passwords.

If you are familiar with Group Policies, you can also apply tons and tons of user specific settings through them.

The local security policy is here:
start>control panel>admin tools>local security policy>account policies>password policy

I had to change this, as we do not allow passwords.

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