Many thanks to those who lend a hand with this problem.

Specifically, my computer has both XP home and professional loaded on it (A friend of mine loaded both in case something went wrong with my computer so he could still access files and fix whatever went wrong) and while on the professional, I believe I caught a Trojan or a worm virus which will not allow windows to start up when the computer is restarted. I can log onto the home version, and have saved the files from professional that I need onto it, but I was wondering if there is anything that can be done, as the bulk of my information is saved on professional. I've tried a system restore to about a week before the incident with no effect. A friend suggested downloading Malware Bytes, I did, and found 13 viruses which I promptly deleted. Upon restarting my computer, I catch a quick glimpse of the windows loading picture and then black, and I'm redirected to which operating system I want to start. Heading back to Professional in Safe Mode with Networking, i watch it as it begins to load up all the windows 32 programs scrolling down the screen. Then it asks if I want to 'to cancel SPDT.sys hit escape ' which if I don't, I'm sent straight back to the 'Please select operating system to start' page. If I hit escape, I'm sent into safe mode without a problem. In an effort to fix this new problem, I've deleted Daemon Tools Lite, as I was told that the SPDT.sys was part of this. Unfortunately, I'm still met with the same origional problem as well as the SPDT.sys problem when booting up into safe mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From what I've read it looks like SPDT.sys is a system file which Daemon Tools uses -- so when you deleted Daemon Tools Lite it did not remove SPDT.sys, and you don't want it to, because it's a required system file (according to this:

You may not call this a fix, but typically if I have a computer with several viruses and still have symptoms/issues after the first couple of scans/removals, then I just nuke the hard drive with DBAN (, reformat, and reinstall the OS clean.

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