first off id like to say ive tried 4 other so called "tech forums" and none of them had replied back to me so im hoping someone here can help me out.

basically this is the problem:
-when i use my browsers explorer 8 and firefox i am getting repeatedly redirected to other unwanted site and yes some disturbing porn sites often and this is bugging my beacuse i use this pc for business aswell.

i was down at family and allowed them to use it when theres was in the shop and i comeback to this.

in the add remove programs section via control panel is a program called "advertising center" which leads me to supect is is the main source of the problem.the real problem is that when you click it there is no removal or uninstall to this program and i cant get it off this pc for nothing.tried several so called program removers and nothing worked.

does anyone know of this program or unwanted app cause it seems to be unknown to others. this is rather urgent that i get this problem taken care of and i do appreciate all help.thanks alot.

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hi and welcome to daniweb ,i will redirect you to the viruses and other nasties section, that were the virus guru's hang out, just start a new thread there copy /past what you said here ,click link below ,good luck

I have the same issue. One poster in another forum wrote that it's a Nero file. Apparently he contacted them and it can't be removed. I'm still looking for options.

This was instaled with versions 8 and 9 of Nero. The registry points to the folder C:\programs files\common files\Nero\AdvrCntr4

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