Sorry Mods if this is in the wrong topic (the site has changed dramaticly since I was last in here).

This is actually a two-part question:

I'm running XPpro. I got tired of coming home from work to a hosed desktop, I mean I don't know how my kids do it but they manage to fubar my desktop on a regular basis! So I created them their own account with limited rights.

1) Isn't there a way for me to log onto the Kids' account and from there log in as admin to make system changes?

2) I'm toying with GPEDIT.MSC because I want my kids to have VERY limited access to most things, I.E. desktop settings, taskbar changes, all programs except their games, etc.

Because I couldn't figure out question 1, I made them admins so I could run gpedit from their logon thinking the changes I made to the "user configuration" would only affect the user that gpedit was running under (in this case the Kids' acct).

Well, I disabled MANY things, one of which was the RUN program....

When I logged off and logged back into my own account, guess what?
not only was everything I disabled disabled on MY account, but my RUN was gone. So I couldn't even launch GPEDIT again (did a quick search and found it in the Windows directory).

So what's the deal with gpedit? I just want to change settings for a specific user not my whole machine!!!

Can someone help me out?

Did u manage to resolve the referred issue where GPEDIT was disabled. I am having same problem here. Please assist.

"yourpalcliffy" You just have to search on windows directory. You will find gpedit.msc inside there.

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