Every since I got a FF update yesterday (to 3.5.7) it seems to be crashing a lot. Anyone else experience this?

[edit]64-bit Windows 7[/edit]

Yes, I'm having major problems also. Running XP. Sometimes it just closes, sometimes it hangs. Real PIA!

I'm running FF 3.6 beta on my win7 64bit(stable so far), but 3.5.7 is running well on my Win7 32bit.

Have you tried uninstalling and then re-installing ? I've had some 'updates' go wrong in the past, and this has fixed me up without trashing any profiles or anything.


I appreciate the response. I was having problems with a combo of FF 3.5.7, Firebug and Xdebug Helper. There's also a possibility that I have a hardware problem since I'm getting the BSOD.

So, I've switched to another computer, I've installed 3.5.7 complete instead of update and I've fixed a problem that kept me from running Xdebug Helper.

I've got my fingers crossed! Let's see if it works.