This is for an IBM Thinkpad R40. The computer has XP (service pack 3) installed, all windows updates installed, etc. Basically, I can connect to WEP and unsecured networks, but nothing in regards to WPA. As a matter of fact, when I attempt to connect to a WPA network, it responds with this message basically stating the network appears to be unresponsive, etc. Going in to try and enable the network manually allows only for WEP encryption, not WPA

I've tried to update the drivers for the wireless, but they appear to be updated properly. The wireless driver I have installed is Cisco Systems PCI Wireless LAN Adapter and the other non-wireless is Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection. Again, don't really know what's the problem, but I am willing to try anything.

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Is the wireless card 802.11g or is it only 802.11b?

I'm not sure - where would I go specifically to check for that? It's a built-in wireless card, so I'd assume there'd be a way to check somewhere around device manager


it might be that 802.11b doesn't support WPA. you should try buying a PCMCIA/USB wireless card supporting 802.11g and that should work.

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