I run Windows XP Pro SP3 and have an Intel Pentium 3 computer with 27 gb hard drive, 384mb system RAM, video card ATI RADEON 7200 with 64MB RAM, Sound Blaster audio, DVD-ROM, CD burner, 10/100 network card, and US Robotics v90 56k modem. Yesterday I noticed that none of my DVDs would play and then I discovered to my horror that my DVD disk drive (E:) is no longer listed in My Computer with my Hard Disk Drives. I've also lost my CD-ROM drive!! The only disk drive listed is Local Disk (C:). I do have a 3 1/2 floppy drive (A:) but rarely use it. I can't imagine what on earth has happened!! I played a DVD the night before this happened and I recall shutting down the Cyberlink PowerDVD 6 player improperly. But that shouldn't have resulted in my losing two disk drives!! Does anyone have any advice on how I can restore these drives, especially the DVD drive? Does it sound like I need new drivers? Any advice will be much, much appreciated. Thank you.


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right click on mycomputer ,go properties/hardware/device manager ,check to see if cdrom/dvd show in the list ,if they do open the + right click on them and and delete them and reboot computer

/\ I agree....post results

i agree with you...

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