Windows XP freezes at the welcome screen. I have tried safe mode, but it freezes there also.

Here is what started it. dummy me downloaded a file and checked it for virus. I ran the exe and started getting virus messages. I think what happened is the program was infecting the xp files and each time I repaired it removed operating files.

I shut it down thinking I would start up and run virus scan, but here I am.

I would like to find some way to recover data off the drive. I can't slave because I have 2 harddrives running as one

Thanks for the help

Use your XP CD and boot to it and do a system repair. Hopefully that will allow you to boot so that you can then either get rid of the virus, or recover your data.

When you say 2 drives running as one can you clarify? is this just a spanned drive or are you running a raid 1 or 0 setup?
if this is just a spanned drive an xp boot disk or an xp based bootable disk like ultimate boot cd should just see it. however if you are running raid you will need to install the raid divers as the xp boot disk loads, just as you would have done during the original setup. I would suggest adding another single drive or usb ext drive to back your data up to first especially if you are running in raid. then deal with repair or a new install.

I am running a raid drive and I have been able to get to the C prompt. How do you get a virus scan from the C: prompt

Ok, type this in at the prompt:
explorer.exe /select,
That may... may open an explorer window for you and go to that site for a scan. I mean, in a working system it will. You will need Safe Mode with Networking, I guess...
Register for a scan that actually does clean, not merely detect. It is not harmful.
Oh, if you have an AV on board then merely enter the pathname to its executable to start it. eg:
C:\"program files\alwil software\avast4\ashavast.exe"
Or whatever...