Ok this is how the problems developed.

OS: Windows XP pro service pack 3 IE6 originally

I installed Eusing registry cleaners. Mallerware and AVG 9

Scanned and cleaned a lot of stuff off. Then the IE (6) Icon changed and looked like an "unknown file" but only in the start menu. It worked when you used it but it was also slow.

So I tried a simple uninstall-reinstall. After that when you click on it nothing happens. I opened Program manager on the side and for a split second I see it reads "Sysvader" and then dissapears when I click on the icon. In the beginning there was a flicker of a window and then nothing.

I tried to upgrade it to IE7 but it does not help. The problem remains exactly the same.

Please dont tell me to go into internet options to fix this. There is NO internet explorer client to work with. No window no tools no nothing. Just a desktop. I tried to find internet options off the control panel. It's missing. When I right click and say "Open without add-ons." Or "Open internet options." It does not open. When I uninstall it I get an internet options Icon in the start menu that still does not open.

I cannot use "system restore". It s wiped out as I had to disable it to scan in it in safemode when I cleaned the machine out. So all the restore points have been erased.

When I log in as another user I still have the problem.

I gave up and loaded Mozilla for my client and it works now on Mozzilla but she might call me later when this becomes a problem and then I will have to find a solution.

I recall having this problem before and I found a simple fix but for the hell of me I cannot remember what it was.

SImple fix, had the same issue was impacting both IE explore and Firefox. Firefox when I opened said "Another instance is running.
IE wouldnt open but the process would open multiple occurences .
I went into MSconfig and turned off all auto-start programs and one of them running was a MS regdump .
Looking up this process it was a reporting mechinism back to microsoft stating a problem.
OK this makes sense, I got some kind of issue on microsoft and it wants to call back to daddy . Only this occurs when you open a browser.
So the solution was to turn off MS reporting. Control panel - System - advanced error reporting. Click disable error reporting .
I believe the error reporting program got hung and was preventing IE and Fire fox from opening because it was trying to send a report to Micro-soft.
SInce I disabled the reporting everything is working great.

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