hi to all,

I cant start my pc when i was working on it, suddenly my CPU were drop down and hanged. after I am trying to restart it or start it but it cant started yet n giving only msg that
press F1 to re-boot, press F5 to start preboot system testing.
for testing it takes long time.

plz anybody solve this problem...
It's urgent...!

i am using windows 7

I would get a linux boot cd and boot from it. if it works the the issue could be windows 7 or the hard drive. I would then download a hard drive fit test and test the drive.

if all goes wrong get a "33in USB 2.0 to IDE or Serial ATA Drive Adapter Cable" from 'cables to go' for 35.99. This will let you hook up any type of hard drive as an external drive via a USB port that is PnP. This will let you rescue your files if you need to format or reinstall.

Download UBCD (see my signature) on another machine and boot your machine with that, it has those programs (above) on it and a lot more, you will be able to check and repair faults or copy information to another media.