Hi Guys,

Please help me out to resolve this. I have NOKIA 3110c mobile and frequently I connect internet thru nokia mobile thru a data cable.
So now you come to know that I have use a usbport (I dont have much idea about ports). Before connecting to the internet, Go to > Start > Shutdown, then it shows the dialog box of turnoff, log off screen. But after connecting and finished my work, I have tried to shut down in the same manner. But it doesn't show the dialog and hanging with the reading processing symbol. I know the problem is from my mobile or from the port. What is the solution?

One way to absolutely force a disconnect is the disconnect the connecting cable. If I read you correctly you want to disconnect from your ISP and shut down your machine at the same time. I don't recall seeing any sort of display screen such as what you referred to. The problem comes when you want to do all that automatically. Essential services are probably hanging. For log off help on your connection I suggest you contact your ISP support line. Simply logging off of your system should not be a significant prob.

Start > shutdown
The dialog coming after a long time and when I click shutdown it takes much time to shutdown properly.

The problem isn't all that uncommon. I sometimes have the same problem with an updated system. It takes a while for installed drivers to unload/disengage. Also, if your system has been up and running for an extended time that also plays a part.

I need a solution, So plz give some technical guidance in this...

I need a solution, So plz give some technical guidance in this...

Some of the drivers may not have unloaded properly for a clean shutdown. I dont think your USB or mobile is causing a problem. My suggestion is to disconnect your network/ISP, wait for a few seconds for and then shutdown.

I am using a data cable to connect internet from my mobile. I think the port that was using the data cable is the problem. Let I will try your suggesstion and get you back. I need more options to do that.. Anybody else...