Hi there. I have Avast Anti Security, Windows XP Professional SP 2. These 2 links when scanned come back as "unable to scan as password protected". What worries me is my husband & I did not download anything resembling these:

C:\System Volume Information_restore{36461A1C-BF0E-453C-8CB9-BE28D6A01E22}\RP355\ A1017191.exe│>AAFundsWithRVG.mbd
C:\System Volume Information_restore{36461A1C-BF0E-453C-8CB9-BE28D6A01E22}\RP355\ A1017192.exe│>AAFundsWithRVG.mbd

When I attempted to copy & paste from the indigenous site the pasting shows as EMBED Package.

Any help as to what these are & how they can be gotten rid of (if doing so won't harm computer) is greatly appreciated. Please note, I am no computer whiz.

C:\System Volume Information\_restore{36461A1C-BF0E-453C-8CB9-BE28D6A01E22}\RP355\ A1017191.exe│>AAFundsWithRVG.mbd

that is the location of your system restore ,if you really need to get rid of it ,first i would make sure computer is clean of any viruses and then turn off system restore ,reboot computer nad then turn system restore back on
to turn offsr, right click on mycomputer /properties/system restore

Thank you for your prompt response caperjack. I shall do a virus scan first & then follow your lead. Much appreciated. Thanks.