I Am In Desperate Need Of Help. I Bought This Computer From A Friend Of Mine. It's Windows Xp Professional. I Don't Have Any Boot Disk Or A Operating Cd. It Was Running Slow So I Downloaded Something Called Windows Advanced Personal Care. I Did A Restore Point And Somehow I Deleted Everything From The Startup. Now When I Turn On The Computer The Screen Is Blank. It Shows My Wallpaper Nothing Else. I Do Ctrl+alt+del And Run Explorer.exe It Comes On For A Second And Goes Away. If I Keep On Doing That It Eventually Comes Back But Not When The Computer Starts Again Then There Is Nothing. Is There A Way I Can Do Something To Get This Back. I Tried Restoring It Doesn't Work I Tried In Safe Mode It Still Doesn't Work Please Tell Me What To Do Thanks.

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Try this, click on alt-ctrl-del and then in the task manager that pops up, hit file - New Task

In the box type exporer.exe and hit enter.

I did the desktop and taskbar comes on for like 5 seconds then goes away again.

Try doing another restore.

Try doing another restore.

Tried that still nothing. I ran explorer.exe and it came on and flashed couple of times then went back again. I don't know what to do I don't have anything to reinstall. Somehow I think the registry keys are messed up. That Advanced Care Deleted them from Start up

Is there any way your friend from whom you bought this computer from could loan you the XP disk? With the disk you could at least run system file checker, or do a repair install.

Thanks I am just going to buy another xp operating software and start over hopefully that will help.

I have the same problem and everytime I turn on my computer the system restore thing pops up =\ what do i do?

I tried everything it didn't work. I bought a new xp cd for like $64 and installed it and now it works perfectly.

Oh I fixed it now. I just downloaded the install taskbar plus or something and my taskbar and desktop came right back up (:

from your scrap i can only understand that your computer had some problems bur i can't understand what all problems you are trying to say of your computer so please specify each perfomance of your computer from you start your computer,
example while system stats a short beep sound then taking long time to get into desktop etc...
so please specify so that i can help you to svae your computer

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