I thought I got the problem fixed. I download swissarmyknife software and other various partition format software. But I'm back to square one.
My mp3 player won't work because at all because can't be formatted, or opened. So I tried formatting it through the swissarmy knife partition software but then that wouldn't let me format it because I get a "CANNOT BE PARTITIONED OR FORMATTED: DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED"
now what? If I can't open it or format it. AND it is write protected and I can't delete whats on it? I'm not giving up since this is what I need to use for a couple of weeks.

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you don't mention a few things that might help peole help you quicker .
1- what operating system you are using
2- name and model of mp3 player
3- why the heck you are using swissarmy knife to format a device that windows can format

Used windows xp 2000, and its a cheap lyric mp3 player but in the last six hours now I've used seven different softwares and none of them can even read minor drives to partition. The swissarmyknife software couldn't format it. (reason I'm using other software is because I cannot format it with windows) Tried.

cheap lyric mp3 player

throw it in the garbage then ,stop tortureing yourself

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