I can't see my Windows Media Player whenever I open it...it just automatically minimizes itself, and i cant restore it. When I do click restore, it just goes off to the side of the screen and i cant see it

so i took a screenshot...apparantly, i have two desktops, one i can see, and one i cant. windows media player goes off to the 2nd one, where i cant see and dont have access to...ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling, ive tried looking for settings, but i just cant figure it out. if anyone can tell me what's wrong, that'd be awesome. I'm not gonna settle for another media player though, because this is the only one that can connect to MSN Messenger and show what I'm playing...which is the main reason i want it.

Here's the screenshot: http://img298.imageshack.us/my.php?image=windowsmedia4il.png

Try this:
-->Right click on the desktop(empty area) and click Properties
-->Under Display Properties, click the "Settings" Tab
-->On the screen, you should see 2 monitors, labelled(obviously) 1 and 2
-->Click the monitor labelled '2'
-->At the bottom left of this sheet, you will see a check box labelled 'Extend my Windows Desktop pn this monitor'
-->Uncheck this checkbox. Click Apply and OK.
-->Restart your computer. Try running WMP again.

This should solve your problem. Do let me know if this helps or not.

Also, I see you have both McAfee and Norton Antivirus installed. Having 2 AV software actually increases your risk of infection because the two software may conflict with each other. I suggest you uninstall one of the software.

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