OK heres the deal. i brought this refurbished laptop about six months ago, But when i did i noticed it a said something about validating the microsoft license message at the lower right corner of my screen that just would not go away until it crashed like 2 months later. I took it back to the store owner who then charged me another hundred bucks to reinstall the microsoft software he said it needed to fix the crash. when i picked it up he said he installed windows defender which would keep it from crashing again but unfortunately its happened again. any suggestions or solutions to my problem is greatly appreciated. Im pretty good with computers if this is something i can fix myself.......Thanks.

"he installed windows defender which would keep it from crashing again"

comment of an armature ,and he charged you a hundred bucks!wow .

ok you really need to provide more info about the laptop and the crash ,any error messages you may receive ,check event viewer in control panel admin tools.
and when it said you needed to validate it did you try to validated it at the that time .
sounds to me like it had /has a bootleg copy of windows on, and is likely not refurbished but just a cleaned and reloaded laptop .
your computer guy sounds shady to me !

commented: Very shady indeed! +18

I am not trying to imply you are silly, but if you got a message on your machine to activate your OS, did you try to activate it with Microsoft? Did the store owner give you a copy of the Windows OS CD with the product key? Is there a Windows sticker with the product key stuck somewhere on the machine?