I had a question ....i hope you guys ll solve my query..

Suppose i have a company with 100 client machine...I want to install OS on that 100 machine...I purchased 1 licensed xp cd with 5 client capability....but i want to install same cd key to my other 95 machine....so while auditing my company shows we used licensed copy to my all other Client machine...

What will i do ???

I know by using Image cd we will do that....but i want know when i created image same key used for all machine...is it right choice ??

What is procedure of creating image ??? please elaborate...

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"What will i do ???"
I don't know.... but i do know what M$ will do if you succeed. You will confront an activation problem. But heck, if your company is only going to be around for 30 days, go right ahead.

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I didn't know XP was licensed "By Client" at all, it is by installation.
100 PC's require 100 Licenses. End of story.

You could also just purchase a site license, which may be worth it for 100 machines.

Anything else, and you are violating usage and license agreements. That would fall under another word - Illegal.


nice link by pcs365_4. Really helpful.

After getting volume license you have to create an unattended disk of windows XP. This can be easily achieved by using software like nlite. As an alternative you can setup RIS (This requires some windows 2003 server knowledge).

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