Please help me what to do after i plugged the new seagate barracuda 7200 - SATA HDD 250GB[ST325310AS] as bootable for XP professional OS.
I had got this new HDD as replacement from seagate.
So i need what to do if all i plugged the cables into motherboard, then putting the Windows OS XP professional CD, then guide me what to do by step by step what options should i choose to format,partition and installation.
My motherboard is Intel DG35EC.
I don't know what is Master,slave, primary,...
Just tell me step by step which options should i choose to for partition my hard disk into 4 or 5 partitions.
How to do this, then tell me what to choose whether FAT or NTFS ?
In future i want another OS for dual booting might be vista or windows 7 in D drive[in this same HDD].
So please tell me what to choose the options.
I have only this new sata hdd for bootable

Please guide me.

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In the interest of Free and Open Knowledge I share this link with you.

If you have question please redirect them here.

As For FAT and NTFS, I can tell you the benefits of both and cons of both, FAT is the most compatible File System in Existence.

A drive in FAT format can be read in Linux, Mac, and Windows. FAT has a File Size Limit of 4GB, So FAT is the winner if that is compatibility is a concern.

NTFS, NTFS is a great Filesystem if all your work will be in Windows > XP
File size Limit is at 16TB, more info here

Enjoy Please Mark as solved.

seagate barracuda 7200 - SATA HDD 250GB : it is SATA, so no need to be concerned with Master,slave, primary... just plug it into you SATA-1 socket and BIOS will automatically enter it as the number one boot device.
Go with NTFS.
If you wish to make another partition for an extra OS it is simplest to make space for it at Setup, but any free partition manager will shrink you C: drive and make space for it later.

Thanks for ur reply for u both.
Isn't leave space for the rest to make partition in windows XP[after installing Xp, inside XP-installing partition software to make partition for other drives.
During first creating partition for C: [for example 40GB for XP], then leave it for the rest space and install only in "C" partition and then after going inside Xp, install software for Partition software[best 3rd party software download from websites]

make it partition in this setup like C: partition , also make other drives as D:,e:,f:,g:,...

Either way is fine. If you allocate 40GB during Setup for C: and leave the rest as Unallocated you can change this later. USe Partition Wizard [free].
With that pgm you can make C: larger, smaller [if it is not full], create new partitions in the Unallocated space....

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