So basically I was typing my research paper, then Word froze so I restarded. Now all of my files are gone. Before it went to log on a little window popped up sayin something along the lines "Enviroment profile cannot open. It will open temporary enviroment..."

I searched about this in help and I read that if I went to my documents and made a folder called "Default User" the problem would go away. Before I restared I was able to find all of my files in a different folder. But once I restarded EVERYTHING dissappeared. Will I be able to retrieve my lost files? Everything I had written for my research paper was saved under One Note. And now it's all gone. Can someone help me?:'( My paper is due in two days and I'm seriously having a panic attack.

ETA: I was surfing through here and this is exactly what problem I am having but there was no response to this..

Ok, here's the scenario, someone is using Windows XP with the latest patches. it's an IBM t41. User logs on to an Active Directory Domain. the user accounts are Local (not roaming).

The issue is one day the user logs on and he get the following error:

[User Environment]

Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off.

******************** when we click OK **************
it reads:

Detail - An I/O operation initated by the regitry failed unrecoverably. the registry could not read in, or write out, or fulush, one fothe files that contain the sytems' image of the registry


Ok actually i forgot which window came up first , i think it maybe the other way around.

But in any event the symptoms are when he finally logs in his script still works and he can still get to his U: drive an other network drives. However his desktop is empty and My Documents folder is empty.

When you right click Start button and explore it's on the c:\documents and settings\temp ...

he can get to his c:\documents and settings\%his name% folder no problem.

Other than of course re-imaging the system, what would be a actual legitmate fix for this, and what may have caused it?

Your actual profile got corrupted. What you could have done that moment is creating a new one and copied the corrupted profile's content to a new one or just copied your data to any other folder except %homepath% and its subfolders.;EN-US;811151

try those FindNTFS needs Findpart; not really straightforward
2 freeware at the bottom.

create a new profile with a different name now. and try the tools. first 1 and 2 and then the others.

if you use FindNTFS it is preferable to use someone's pc to perform this task. actually also generally if do not have another partition.

if you do have another partition use this one from the start. (bootable) NTFS Reader DOS Boot Disk at the bottom.