I haven't upgraded yet but I was wondering if anyone encountered any major issues when doing this.

More specifically, I'm afraid if I upgrade, I'll lose FrontPage, Publisher and MapPoint and it will slow my computer down.

Just looking for opinions/answers.



Knowing which exact version of Office you currently have installed would help. :o

I have run both 2000 and 2003 versions of Office at the same time. I have found problems, with stuff like Office Photodraw2000 with Office 2003.

I found that running office 2003 on primary and photodraw2000 on the secondary partition worked fine. Also have done the same with Office 2000 and access 97.

Never used map point so can't advise. I think the main problem is installing two sets of office generic tools / files, and that is why two partitions makes sense. Outlook though doesn't suffer, as have run XP with office 2000 before on same partition.

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