My problem is with Corel WP8 Sp7 or 8. I have win XP and it's supposed to be for a client, but it's full of errors. The first one is that it can't find the language dll (Unable to load language resource DLL). I know it's the files shellwp.dll and shellwp8en.dll. I put them where they belong and wherever Corel would search for the files (for ex. C:\windows\system). And it still gives me the message whenever I right-click on an program icon.

The second one is when I start up WP8. That it makes an unsuitable action and the only thing I can do after it is send a message to Microsoft, which when I do doesn't even show the webpage. It says that it makes an error in Kernel32.dll and more files. And I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The second time both of these errors don't occur, so After cannot find language dll, it doesn't say it anymore and for the second error Wp just works! :-| But it's for a client :sad: and I'm am running low on options, might you know something?
Thanks in advance,

the problem is the DLL files are supposed to be in C:\WINNT\system32 but im running 2000 here at school but i'll let you know later when I get home I'm running xp pro at home

:!: Alright!

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