Hey I need some help, my computer was working fine last night but then i came across this problem today.. I turn my computer on then it looks like its loading but then all of sudden it resets itself.. :evil: It doesnt even get to the point (blue screen )where it says" Loading Windows XP" . It stays on and repeats itself or reboots itself over and over till i have to turn it off. I hope someone out there can direct me or help me to get to my desktop soo i can burn everything and save it to disc .. please I dont want to loose my music, programs, mp3s, files etc,..... I gotta re-install windows after i do save everything..ive tried hitting "del" adn that gets me to the menu but doesnt help me to get to my desktop..i know theres a way to get there ...

soo please help me out

I have

windows xp
2600 xp atholon w 512 ram

aight thnks for your time

I read another post and though maybe to clean -up the inside of my pc ..Yeap there was alot of dust in there but its sqweaky clean.. and still my computer computer is still having the same issue.. what can i do>? and how can i get to my desktop to back up and save all my files to disc ? Ill be re -installing windows after i get everything backed -up.

do you get a memory beep because if you do you might need to take out your memeory then put it back in or get new memory. I had a problem a while back where the computer would shut off then restart everytime i turned it on it ended up being a powersupply problem. (try this first)If it is not one of those problems then just run the system restore cd i did that when my windows crashed 2 months ago you wont loose your data but you will have to go looking for it in the hard drive

Hey mike, Yeah i totally know what your talking about the memory "bleeping sound. Its does that once when i start my computer then the black sceen comes on with al the fast writing and right before it looks like its going to the next screen " windows Xp pro loading" It restarts at the exat point, and over and over and over till i have to turn it off..

I havent tried pressing f8 yet to boot in safe mode, might do this now..

humm is taking out the memory stick safe, i think the only one i see is my graphics card mem stick..

Ive also check the tempature of my computer and its at 40/100 or 40/80 , i cant remember cause im on my celleron right now, but i did this by click " alt/delete/ control" at the same time but that doesnt seem to help me get to my desktop..

You have any other suggestions & anyone else please

Does your computer ever turn off while running or sometimes not even start up? Cuz I know sometimes problems can be with your cards, aka sound card, or video card or something to that affect...if thats the case, I would turn your computer off, open it up and unplug lets say your sound card first, if it starts up perfectly, then you have a bad sound card...if its not that, it could be a power supply issue like mikeandike22 said...it might not be getting enough juice to start it (aka could have a virus or way too much spyware) have you tried going into safemode yet? I'd try those couple steps and see how it goes.

Hey Chips, ok this is just what i got done trying.

- Clean every single fan i could possibly find in the tower
- i took out the power supply, i hope your referring to the one thats on the computer but i clean it with an air can .. i didnt take it completely apart cause its a b*tch to
- I unhooked my graphics card and hooked it back
- unhooked my 2 memory sticks and slipped them back in
soo far all these things ive tried hasnt worked

things i can access is F4 which i dont know what that does, I can get to F8 but it has a bunch of options im not familiar with, Ive tried to reboot in safe & and restoring a point where the computer was working correctly, its says something like that but i tried that.
and del ,alt & cntrl which is bios menu i think... im not sure what i can do in there to get to my desktop

Is there any other way of getting to my desktop to save all my files, i dont want to lose any of them ?

any other options or suggestions ?

theres gotta be a way to get there , i can see my computer trying giving all of the other things ive tried , Im hoping its some bad configuration issue or something....

- i took out the power supply, i hope your referring to the one thats on the computer but i clean it with an air can .. i didnt take it completely apart cause its a b*tch to

Yeah, pimpwack, don't take apart the power supply, cuz it can shock the snot out of you, even if it is unplugged. It has a power storage thing inside it that retains its charge, even after being unplugged. So don't, unless you REALLY know what you're doing (i.e., you've taken apart a power supply before with this knowledge). So yeah...just for your safety...

Oh yeah, you can skip loading the BIOS in case those are corrupted or something weird like that. Just hold "Insert" I believe right after the POST (Power-On Self-Test) before the operating system is supposed to load. Might work...

hey Ambient, Im glad you told me about the power supply, i def dont want to get any type of qick shock , i def dont need one at this moment..lol

Oh yeah one other thing i prob didnt mentioned . Before i had this problem my mouse or prbo keyboard wasnt responding right. Basically as soon as it booted to my desktop my computer frooze soo i had to reboot for the 2nd time and it was fine. The thing was that went on for like 2 weeks and posted question on how to correct it but i never got any replys... soo suddenly it just corrected itself , which i thought was weird.. then a week later i encountered this problem... I just came back from micro center and bought a whole new mouse and keyboard , i hope this could be helpful, im trying everything but im running out of options ..

Soo gonna try new keyboard first , if anyone can help me out to somehow recover or get my to my desktop and save my files that would be deeply appreciatd..thanks

Hey OK this is how far ive come, I took out my bad drive and now have it hooked up to my old computer, i cna see all the files now> My question is since now that i have access to my files ont he drive how can i fix this drive, or do i still have to install window xp again. i saw it in the store and its a whopping 300 $ , please someone help me out with some resources. thanks