Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with this problem. I also hope I can explain it properly, and not make it too confusing.

First, I want to explain the setup to my system. I have a wireless Linksys router connected to my cable modem.

My pc is wired to this router.

I also have a netgear wireless print server connected to my pc.

This connection is also wired.

Now, I have been noticing some unusual behavior with my internet since I hooked this up.

For instance, when I disable the print server, I lose net connection.

What I am wondering is, is it possible I am actually going through my wireless print server into the wireless router leading into the cable modem?

Basicly taking the long way around and overcomplicating things?

I would like to seperate the two. Is there anyway I can do that?

I might also be wrong too.

My PC----->wired---->wireless router---->cable modem.
|------>wired---->wireless print server

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your time.



Let's start with some clarifying questions:

What is the model of your wireless print server, and what do you expect its role should be on the network?

What type of printer do you have, and how is it connected to the network?

To plug it in to your PC is to say, "I want to print through my PC." Is this what you intend?

Well, I think I solved my issue. Sorry for the late reply.

I disconnected my hardline to the print server and that cleared up the second local area connection.

I wasnt sure I could do that, but the print server is working fine without me so it seems to be ok.

Thanks again for your help.


Great -- Glad you were able to work it out. Don't forget to mark the thread a solved!