Hello everyone!

Just the other day on my desktop computer I use for work, I all of a sudden was unable to access my internet. The error message read something like "Accessing Network ID..." continuously... I went down to the computer with the cable modem and router and reset the network as I read on a few troubleshooting sites...

Now my computer is showing connected to the wireless network with good signal strength however when opening up Mozilla or IE i am receiving the error message Problem loading page/Server not found..

I have a Network router on my parents main computer (the one with cable modem) and I have a WPN111 Netgear USB Wireless card.

My desktop computer is running Windows XP and I havent had any changes in software prior to problem.

also noted all other computer linked to network are still able to load web pages.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. The message boards assistance seems to be coming up short..