I need to search for all files on my computer that contain certain html tags.

I tried the search function that comes with Windows Explorer (My Computer), and it can't find html tags, even in files I know contain them.

I have Windows XP.

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The only solution I have found is to search for all html files ( write: *.html ) in windows search, add all those files into dreamweaver, and use dreamweaver`s search function to search in all files


Two problems with this:

1. There are over 200 files to check.

2. I am not allowed to download any software on the computer involved.

3. Dreamweaver is not installed.

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I got it!

Launch Windows Explorer.
Create a new folder named Found inside the folder to be searched.
Close Windows Explorer.

Run command.com
Navigate with cd to the folder containing the files to be searched.
copy *.htm *.txt

Launch Windows Explorer
Open the search pane, search for the tags you want.
Select all of the search results.
Drag them to the Found folder.

Navigate to the original folder.
Sort by file type.
Select and delete the .txt files.

The list of .txt files in the Found folder tell you which .htm files have the desired text.

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