This could also be a hardware issue, but seeing as this problem has never presented itself on any other O/S I reckon it's probably 7.

I've done every update possible so you all know :)

So I have a USB keyboard + mouse attached to a laptop via a USB hub. When I'm using it normally (probably low cpu-usage) they will be laggy...and keep freezing. The lights are all on but it just stops on the page, and they keyboard will stop taking input or keep repeating whichever letter I hit last.

This is very annoying, but can be solved by
1) Plugging both directly into laptop ports (it's not a problem with the hub as I've tried others too)
2) Playing music in the background, can be muted...guess it just raises CPU usage just enough to solve the problem

Neither of the above options is a great way out, I'd love to know what is actually going on; especially as no-one seems to know (MS included).

I recently did 2 thing
1) Added more have 4GB in 2 slots, which is fine for this laptop.
2) Updated the bios (but don't think this is it as I restored it to the original bios and still had the problem).

I will try taking out the RAM soon but don't have the old modules anymore so kinda would prefer to have a 'yes type this into command prompt' option.

Thanks :)