grr I have three PC's each with a WD Cavier WD1200.
I just installed win2k on one last friday and over the weekend it crashed and
it says invalide boot sector insert bootable media.
I checked the post screen and it doesn't find the harddrive.
so than I tried to reinstall win2k but duh the bios doesn't see the drive.
this happened 2 weeks earlier on one of the other PC's. I put a new drive in and reinstalled, these are all new parts.
ok here are the system specs

intel p4 2.56
asus p4s533-x
256meg ram ddr 333
radeon 7000 video card
56x cd-rom
aopen case with 300w power supply.

why would these drives just fail?

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no, crap I have like 16 of these drives installed on digital video recorders.
all security stuff. I am bumming. whats a good hard drive I need at least 100 gb


I have read good reviews of the Samsung P80 Series / SpinPoint SP1604N
Seagate would appear to be quite good there are mixed opinions on Maxstor but I think they have improved alot in recent years. Before you select your drive it's worth picking 6 or so candidates in your price performance range and then read every review you can find.

Good Luck

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