Hi All,

I have installed Vmware GSX server 2.5 on IBM Dual 1.13GHz CPUs plus 768Mb RAM. This server is running W2k3 standard edition. After that i have created 2 fresh installation of Guest OSs (W2k3 Stand. Edt.).

Everything is working fine but facing problem with mouse movements which is too slow.

I took help from Vmware.com and got few solutions from there.... but nothing would worked out as a solution:sad:

The solutions which i had tried are:-

  • Hardware acceleration is Full (high)
  • Disable the mouse shadow
  • Increased the RAM part in the Guest OS configuration
  • Working in Full Screen etc....

Now i am looking help from u all............. hoped to c some positive replies


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Perhaps this will work:

1.) Open your device manager.

2.) Search for Mouse Device Installed.

3.) Go to properties

4.)Check our the advanced setting for VMWare Virtual Mouse pointer

5.)Try changing some of the settings

6.)Restart VM

Also, are you using an Optical Mouse?

So you're running a normal OS, and VM'ing two other ones at the same time?

That's putting some pressure on your hardware for sure.

Thanks Fsn!

But your solution didn't worked :(

"feigned", I am running the Nomal OS and 2 guest OSs installed on it. I run only 1 guest OS .... and the performance of task execution is up to the satisfaction level..... only the mouse movement is causing the problem.

Is that a ball mouse?

Is that a ball mouse?

yes......Ball mouse

Is there some reason you can't just use RDP? I haven't messed with the VMWare much. I'd have to say something with the mouse emulation...seems VMware would know about that if that were the case when you called them. Good luck.

This seems like the last possibility, but I did not see anything mentioned above about the VMWare tools... Installing those will give you much better performance in terms of Video and mouse. Good luck!

I've had the same problem and found reducing the number of displayed colours within the VMWare session seemed to help (was 32bit, changed to 256colours).

FYI running VMWare player v2.0.3 build 80004

Hope this helps.

guest os: xp and fedora, hangs in vmware,and this problem gets resolved automatically and again it hangs after sometime and again gets resolved.
please give a solution,my host os is vista home basic

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