Well... i have here a complicated case. I bought myself at the beginning of the schoolyear a new laptop. Then i upgraded it to windows 7. at some point, my father wanted to make some setting in the computer. He made himself an admin account, made my account into a lomited user account. He really went into the settings. Now, he forgot the admin password.
I tried already many things to recover it, but it wont work. i cant even reset my computer, and reinstall it. My father did a so excellent job in making it impossible to change anything, so that windows cant even update anymore.

Does anyone has an idea how to solve that?

Greetings, Beathag

i dont know of any other way but to have a fresh install of the windows

If you have the DVD for windows I don't see why you can't reinstall it. As you can boot into windows I don't see why you can't insert the installation/recovery DVD and restore/reinstall the operating system.

Reinstalling the OS is the only option. Sorry.

Why don't you try to get help from Windows password recovery services or software, you will definitely get the solution. If you need to know from where then i will recommend only one SNIP because it is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and has trained and experienced engineers who ensure that you are able to recover your lost data accurately and quickly.

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