Hi there,
i have an irritating problem with a number (less than 15%) of my users. I have just replaced my file and print server and some users are getting 'Access Denied' when they attempt to access on of 4 mapped drives. They can access the other mapped drives (different shares on the same server).
As a test I have logged the user in to another workstation and access is fine.
I have taken the computer out of the domain, re added it after re naming the computer (so the computer account is new and unique) and created a new profile for the user but the same 'Access Denied' message comes up on the same network drive as before.

I'm at a loss to explain this now and would appreciate a fresh view on this issue.



make sure that there name is listed in the security tag of the folder and not just the shared permissions. i had similar issues and adding them to the security configuration fixed most of my issues.

- i know this thread is old but maybe this will help someone in the future