I have a tar.gz package of files that consists of php files.Now if i extract it through the winzip and modify a few files/ delete , I would like to make a tar.gz package back.I would like to know about the posibility.

Is there any softwares that creates the tar.gz package from a folder specified.This software should be working in Windows OS.

Thanking you in advance , I remain

Harish Balakrishnan

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Winzip does it I believe. But I prefer StuffIt :)

hi ,

Thanks for the reply. I still don't know how to create the tar.gz output using winzip and in my post i forgot to mention that I am preferring for a free stuff :).

with regards

Winzip does it I believe. But I prefer StuffIt :)


Sorry Dani, At that time I was not at all in a mood to check the stuffit properly and Sorry to post a immediate reply immediately.

Yes , I have downloaded it and it was of great help to me.

Have a nice day and great time , I remain


The GNU Tar program provides the ability to create tar archives, as well as various ... to other programs such as gzip or compress, and will not create tar.gz archives.

Good Luck

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