I have just built a new machine using the gigabyte board model 7N400 pro 2
with a 3000 xp. running 512 mem. I went into the bios and loaded the optimal settings and then rebooted and now I cannot get into windows, it goes to a screen that asked me if I want to start windows normal or other options
When I click to start it reboots. I clicked on "last known good configuration"
and it still reboots.
I called gigabyte and they claim that something in windows changed. I really do not want to do a format and new install either.
I also do not have a automated system recovery disk.
Can someone help me with this one.

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boot to the winxp cd and run the repair

boot to the winxp cd and run the repair

Thanks will try is there anything special I need to know when I load the repair consol? last time it brought me to a c: prompt thanks again but would still like to know what happened.
When I try to load optimal defaults did it change the settings on the hard drive.
Also while I have an expert herre. If I change a mother board out with a differant chipset than the one installed with the harddrive, it will not load windows. Is there a fix for this other than redoing the harddrive?
thanks for your help

No, there is no way round the problem without doing a fresh install of Windows. The best approach is to purchase another hard drive. When you change motherboards, fit the new drive instead of your old one. Install Windows.

Then install your programs etc, and add the original drive as a secondary drive. Copy your data files across, format the original drive and then use it as storage.

By the way, I've removed your email address from your posts. Please do not include it as that is against forum policy. All questions and answers must be posted in the thread, not sent via email or PM.

Have you tried changing the BIOS settings to "Load Failsafe Defaults"? See how that works out for you before going for a reinstall. Either that, or remove the CMOS jumper on the motherboard and restore the BIOS defaults that way.

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