I have a fairly new computer, and about a month ago it started having the problem of windows not starting and the screen displays a geometric pattern of squares with colored shapes in them. Sometimes you can see the windows loading page faintly in the background. I have a Nvidia Gforce 5700 ultra video card, which I have re-inserted. I got rid of SP2, which did not solve the problem, used system restore, etc.

Once it starts, no problems, it just has to be restarted 1 to 4 times to get things going.

Have run Ad Aware, Spybot, Mcaffee virus scan. etc.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, t

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I have a Nvidia Gforce 5700 ultra video card, which I have re-inserted

Have you also tried reinstalling your video driver software; it could be corrupt?

Also- do you get the same problem when you boot into Safe Mode?


Thanks, DMR, should I just insert the CD, or do I need to remove something first? I haven't booted from safe start, but have been automatically directed there a few times, and it started fine.
I appreciate the help, t.


I would check NVidia's website to see if they have any updated drivers for the card; download and install those if they exist. You should read any documentation that comes with the driver software to see if there are any specific steps you should take during the install.

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