When I try to reformat my computer with the windows 7 installation disk, it cannot detect the harddrive in the custom install section. In the upgrade section, it says there isn't enough room even though there is more than 90 gigs free.

Please advise!!


does your bios detect the hard disk? If it is set to autodetect it should detect. If not then set the bios to autodetect the hard disk.
Is the hard disk formatted in NTFS ? If it has had linux on it it may be necessary to reformat using a format program.
If the win 7 disk is not in the machine does it run anything at start up?
If you are installing from a official WIN 7 disk is it 32 or 64 bit. you MUST follow all the mssoft instructions to the letter if you are updating as a 64 bit update will NOT update a 32 previous version and gives the response cant find the disk!

The bios does recognize the harddrive. The computer runs fine but a reformat is kinda needed. I am currently running windows 7 professional 32 bit and I am using an official copy of windows 7 (the same one I used to install) to try to do a custom install and wipe my system but the cd cannot detect my harddrive when I try to do a custom install.