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hmm, you mean just run it and not play it right?

cause there is no way you can get the display without a 'graphics card'.

Maybe you are trying to ask how to play the game on the built-in GPU (Graphics Processing Unit or 'Graphics Card'). Well maybe you can set the Graphics settings to extremely low, it may work out for you but you won't wanna play it like that,

Your best bet is to get a good Graphics Card that will set you back at least 300$. Don't go for the 50~100 $ stuff they don't last too long.

Hope I helped.


Nowadays graphics cards are comes within your motherboard. You need to purchase the card to run these games and DirectX should also be tested.

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The graphic cards are necessary for your Computer especially when you play any
heavy games like FIFA. NIVIDIA Display adaptors are preferred once,so I would
recommend you to go for it, or you can use other graphic cards.
If you try to play such games in your computer without Graphic Cards,then your
Computer might slow down or hang and later it can cause problems.

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