Hi all,
I have an XP Pro machine that always prompts to restart (after just starting up). It says it is to install new updates, problem being that it just continues to cycle through this, even if I restart as prompted.
Windows updates says the machine is up to date. I have been into the administrative tools and tried enabling, "do not prompt for reboot after updates have been downloaded: (or words to that effect)...but the problems persists. I have done a regcure, the machine is protected by networked antivirus and firewall. No other workstations are experiencing this problem.
Any ideas??

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Didi you try the <F8> when booting and go back to last known good configuration?

Thanks rch1231 for the advice. Yes I have already tried this. The problem is the OS thinks it needs to continually restart to install updates. The OS is working fine, it just keeps prompting to reboot (on startup only).
This is more of an annoyance than anything, I have never come across this before.
Anyone else got any ideas????


I had a feeling you had tried it but had to ask. The only other thing I can think of is something in the boot.ini. Do you have anything like Ultimate boot disk for windows or L-softs Active boot that you could boot from and check the ini files and registry?

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