this may or may not be a problem related to Vista, but this hopefully someone will have an idea on this...

I have a Vaio laptop running vista, it started having problems starting up, so I diagnosed it as a faulty HD and replaced it. Managed to copy the partitions over to a new drive and installed it, it started up and ran nicely.

Then I tried to shut it down and it just restarted.

I've tried it with a new HD.

I have tried hibernating it, sending it to sleep, and shutting it down by the gui and by the "shutdown" command line.

I have cleared the flag that says automatic restart after shutdown.

I have reinstalled the MBR using supergrub.

I've booted off a live linux cd without the HD in place.

*Nothing* I do will stop the damn thing from restarting after a shutdown command

I've tried to look in the bios for any "wake on..." options, but the viao bios is limited to date/time and what order the boot devices are.

Does anybody ahve any ideas on this ? I've been banging my head against the wall for several days and scouring the internet for ideas, but I've run out of ideas now.

Is there any way to access more detailed settings in the vaio bios ?

This is driving me insane !!!!