I have a problem with Windows Media Player that has recently surfaced whereby when I watch films on it (doesn't apply to CDs or DVDs of TV shows) background noise, such as dogs barking or music can be heard and sound effects on the menu also, but the characters speech is never heard, similar, I think to the sound settings when played with commentary. This problem started when I watched a film with the commentary, and since, only with films have I been unable to hear the characters speak.
On the film I watched with commentary, I can get normal audio back by selecting, on Audio Options on the DVD's menu 'English 2.0 Dolby Surround', but this is the only film I have that gives a choice of audio settings, so so far, this is the only film I can watch with proper sound.
To me, it seems that watching the commentary version has caused Media Player to get stuck on the commentary sound setting, just without the actual commentary, since it only seems to effect films (which all have commentary). If anyone can offer any help with this problem it would be much appreciated.


Speech is ran on a differnt frequency to music, most un-encoded movies play music and sounds in one speaker, and speech in another. Either your speaker is half ruined or you have a bad head phone. If you want to edit the audio so it plays all on the same frequency, edit the settings, or check your device manager to see if the audio - speech, is an unknown item.

When I had a very simular problem with my wmp 10,I firstly unstalled the player then re-installed it from microsoft and it fixed it. Also if the movie has been of the back up version :o)) then maybe the person selected a different sound out put that you have not. if this happens on all videos,then doing my first suggestion should fix it.If you are running Win XP there is a wizard that you can folow which will help you set up your sound system wether it be stereo 5.1
or what ever you want.
best of luck

This sounds a stupid question, but where can I uninstall Media Player? Should I simply delete all the relevant files, or is there some other way to go about it? Thanks for all the help.

click Start, look for Control panel and click, look for Add and Remove Programs, click then wait for it to load up, (which will be in alphabetical order)look in the list for Windows Media Player10, select REMOVE, and it will remove it from you pc. you can also use this to delete any unwanted programs. Now, Go to the microsft website, you can google WMP10 or 11 and it will come up as part of a list. Download your choice "save it" then after saving it click "Open" and it will be installed on your pc.make shure you have a tick in all of the the tick boxes when it goes through the installation process.
all should be ok when this is done

Try playing the DVD with VLC Player. If that doesnt work either, you can conclude that its either your audio output device or sound card driver. Let me know

Download the player here http://www.videolan.org/vlc/