the shortcut it self shows and is still click-able but the icon image doesn't show up and its annoying because sometimes i click on the wrong icon sometimes.. also the recycle bin icon wont show..
here is a image of my desktop

Your using windows 7 yes?. It would be an image driver for your computer i think, just look up your computer on the net and get the drivers for it. If you already have all the drivers and that, its very unlikely but perhaps a problem with your RAM. there would be more obvious things to install such as a codec but i'm not familiar with windows 7 sorry.

Hm. I remember a long time ago having this issue. Try searching google for "Clear Icon Cache" or check out this link: The member "Brink" provides a batch file that you can download for you to use. I advise you read up this link. So could you get back to me once you try that? I'm hoping that this will solve your problem.