There are a few programs that are totally getting on my nerves with their updates. Windows is my latest pet peeve. I find it difficult to believe that there are grand changes to Vista that require updates several times a week.

Windows Live and Fingerprint are examples of what was installed with Windows Updates. I feel these type of optional, but they aren't. I have tried uninstalling both, but they will reappear shortly. This is no update at all. It's invasive programming, as I see it.

Microsoft is far from the only one that is a bit invasive. Adobe is pretty bad also. It is MY Photoshop program. Adobe will constantly browse through my computer. I blocked all Adobe access and Photoshop flags and error shutting down. I uninstalled the reader or flashplayer. It didn't take long for Adobe to notice. IE kept prompting me about it. I started using Firefox.

Maybe what is bothering me is that I paid for my computer, internet access and my software. Shouldn't I have a choice over what is installed on my computer and ability to browse through it?

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Shouldn't I have a choice over what is installed on my computer and ability to browse through it?

you sure do! but you will not get to view everything on the inrter net without some of these program ,!

go to.start/ control panel /programs, and uninstall the adobe updater ,

set windows updates to notify me but don't download updates ,then when notified do a custom and un-check the ones' you don't want ,and then tell it not to show this update again !works for me .

also go start /run /msconfig ,check startup in msconfig and make sure that no up-daters are running

Thanks for the info! The very day I was complaining about all of these updates getting on my nerves my computer crashed. I can't get it to boot at all. At this point I would welcome a Windows Update!

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