Hi all,

While browsing through my browser history the other day I came across, under the "computer" tab, a location calling itself "Powered by SupportSoft", with the attached directory. I know it comes from Dell Support Center and tracing it back, I found that it is a "snapin" for a configuration settings shell of some sort. Configuration settings for what, exactly? I don't have any SupportSoft browser tools installed, so does anyone know what it is loading and why is it showing up in my history?

It is returned when the computer reboots if the browser cache is cleared.

Thank you.

Peace out and God bless.

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I believe the best people to ask are Dell itself.

Did you contact them recently? if not you should and ask them what it is, if you did than that is what it probably is.

Sorry I can't be more helpful than that, first thing I do is get rid of windows on all my machines.

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