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Sorry about that. Let's start over.

I have a win 2k box that I can't install SP4 on. (see previous posts). Since my win2k is an upgrade, I thought I would spring for a new XP Pro and start again.
I bought an OEM version with SP2 on it and while waiting for its arrival, I started up Partition Magic and commenced to merge 3 small partitions into my primary (C) partition. Went through and changed sector sizes and gave the go ahead to merge drives d, e and f into c.

Later, when I came back from helping wifey unload groceries I notice I have the partition magic "...hang on we're doing stuff for you..." screen on the monitor.

10 minutes later it's still there....long story to short...it was still there over night.
Next morning I tried 3 fingering it...nothing....So I dumped the power.

Long story to interminable I can't get into the machine. It won't boot. The Partition Magic screen re appears but that's it.

I also bought a new hard drive 320 GB to replace my dinky 15 GB drive.

Installed the new drive, jumpered as master, changed jumper on the 15GB non booting drive to slave then finally unplugged it.
Unplugged the floppy drive cables (did I mention I got a "Drive A not working press F1 to bypass" or something like that.

The bios apparently sees the new 300GB drive as the primary but no amount of striking the "DEL" key gets me in to the BIOS.

The machine won't boot on the XP CD, It won't boot on the Western Digital CD...it just
won't boot.
Obviously, I need help and soon...(wifey dislikes my commandeering her PC to send this)
don't know how long I can get away with using her machine.