does anyone knw which window is tha latest(i mean after xp are there any other windows), if yes are they any good and are they available on net.


All I know is that it should be out end of this year and its called Microsoft Vista

latest is
1.windows media center PC
2.windows 2003 advanced server
3.windows FD
4.windows Vista

whatever suits u can get it from MICROSOFT

What is Windows FD?

What is Windows FD?

FD? If I recall correctly, it stands for Flawed Design. :mrgreen:

Xp -> Vista -> Codename Blackcomb -> ?

Ermm, what is codename Blackcomb?

Blackcomb is the sucessor to vista (yes - it has already been announced even although vista isnt out yet.........)

Blackcomb isnt its real name, its its codename e.g VISTA was Codename Longhorn

Google blackcomb and youll see although mos are fakes

wikipedia it it tells u about fiji, vista, blackcimb and vienna

is windows vista but before it was called windows longhorn

does any one know where I can get RC2? I thought it would be at the regular site, but I guess it's not.

It was up for about a week, but they took the link down to overwhelming traffic :(

I gues i was one of the lucky ones to get the last rc. ;)

I gues i was one of the lucky ones to get the last rc. ;)

someone needs to burn me a copy i cant believe i missed out.

ive got one im on 2 meg broadband i could send it to u over ftp or something.

P.S Virtual PC wont boot it

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